Friday, January 23, 2015

January's WILD CARD FRIDAY 23 Jan 2014

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Welcome to January's Wild Card Friday. On the fourth (and fifth) Fridays of every month I've invited one of my writer friends to share something fun and then tell you a bit about their work. This week Linda Weaver Clarke has prepared a post about her new release, THE MYSTERIOUS DOLL.  Take it away Linda...

The Theft of an Antique Doll is Theme for New Cozy Mystery

It’s time to get cozy! The Mysterious Doll is the newest mystery in the Amelia Moore Detective Series. Linda Weaver Clarke blends a nice balance of mystery, romance, and humor. “I love the sparks of romance -- they spice things up and add much interest to the story. – Susan Ortlieb, Suko’s Notebook

Most mysteries are a “who-done-it.” But in this cozy mystery series Amelia Moore, who is the founder of the Moore Detective Agency, specializes in missing persons. Her cases have taken her to some very interesting places and put her in some dangerous situations, but with the help of her partner, Rick Bonito, she always solves the case.

This was a fun read and I enjoyed it very much. I think you will enjoy the other books in this cozy mystery series, as well. Amelia and Rick seem to be getting closer as the series continue and some romance is definitely in the air.” – Sonja Nishimoto, Sunnie Reviews

In The Mysterious Doll, Pauline Jones is confused why her boyfriend took off without telling a soul where he was going. But that isn’t all. Sam Whitaker is accused of stealing a valuable porcelain doll from the museum. His disappearance makes him look guilty, but Pauline is convinced he is innocent. When Amelia finds Sam, she realizes they need to prove his innocence. Where is the antique doll and who has taken it?

“I am LOVING the Amelia Moore Detective Series!” wrote Shauna Wheelwright on her book review blog. “FUN! CLEAN! FUN! AMAZING! DID I MENTION FUN?! I recently reviewed The Bali Mystery and loved it so much that I quickly dove into this sequel.”

Linda Weaver Clarke travels throughout the United States, teaching people to write their family history and autobiography. She is the author of several historical sweet romances, a mystery/adventure series, a children’s book, and a cozy mystery series.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Welcome to third Friday writing news. Meet Scottlyn Denise Rich. She is one of the main characters in my free novella, FOR MERCIE'S SAKE.

You can find FOR MERCIE'S SAKE here:

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The novella has received great reviews, but the comment I hear the most is "I wish it had been longer."

Well wish no more. I'm about 8000 words from completing the sequel, tentatively titled BEGGING FOR MERCIE. 

I thought I'd share an excerpt with you.

Even above the noise of a rowdy chorus of Happy Birthday, Scottlyn heard the gate hinges squeal. She looked up from the cupcake she’d just placed on the tray of Mercie’s high chair. The sudden pounding of her heart downed out the birthday noise and her vision narrowed to the unwelcome woman crossing the lawn.
 “Get some pictures for me.” Scottlyn handed her camera to Diane and hurried across the yard to cut off the enemy.
“What are you doing here?”
Bradley’s mother stopped and looked around the yard. She almost seemed puzzled by the question. Scottlyn took in the red eyes of her nemesis and the dark circles etched beneath them. The poor woman didn’t look like she’d slept in days. Scottlyn shrugged off any trace of sympathy. This was war and if the first round had to be fought today, so be it.
Penny Weber held out the gift. “It’s my little girl’s birthday.”
The reference of ownership heated Scottlyn’s temper to a full boil. Her hands fisted at her sides, and she had to make a physical effort to unclench her jaw enough to speak.
“You’ve got a lot of nerve. Leave now, or I’ll call the police and have you arrested for trespassing.”
Penny lifted her chin and met Scottlyn’s gaze. She clutched the gift to her chest like a shield. “I brought a gift. I have every right to give it to her.”
Scottlyn felt a hand on her shoulder and glanced back to see Grant. His father flanked her on the other side.
“I’ll take care of this.” He stepped around Scottlyn, placing himself between the two women. “I’m afraid you’ll have to leave, my client doesn’t want you here.”
The older woman’s face morphed into a mask of defiance. “Your client is on borrowed time. It would save everyone a lot of trouble if she simply gave me what was mine.”
I’m going to take this person apart. Scottlyn’s nails bit into her palms. The only thing standing between her and this…this…delusional thing, was the added pressure of Grant’s hands on her shoulders.
“Scottie, let Dad do his job.”
“Mrs. Nelson, you’ll have your day in court, but that isn’t today. I’m sure your lawyer wouldn’t be pleased with your conduct. You’re only jeopardizing your case.”
Scottlyn watched as Bradley’s mother drew herself up to her full height, stepped around the small group of resistance, and marched to the gift table. She placed her present on the stack before turning back to the gate. She paused next to the highchair and brushed a hand across Mercie’s curly hair. Without a word she came back to the fence.
“Enjoy the next six days. The rest of her life is mine.”

I'm a horrible tease, aren't I?  I hope I've piqued your interest.  Keep your eye on the blog for an availability announcement.

Friday, January 9, 2015



Welcome to January's SECOND FRIDAY RECIPE. On the second Friday of each month, I've invited a fellow author to share a favorite recipe with us and maybe a little something about their latest book. This week we have a double treat, two recipes straight from Cindy Loven's new book,SWEPT AWAY.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad

This salad is an anything goes type of salad, all tossed together and topped with your favorite dressing, but Sara Jane prefers hers topped with Ranch dressing or a vinagrette. 

Romaine Lettuce, chopped or torn into bite site pieces

mushrooms, cleaned and chopped

Green pepper chopped

cucumber diced

black olives

feta cheese

bean sprouts

Trail Magic Hot Chicken Noodle Soup

On the trail as Drew is hiking through the Appalachian trail, they have places where people come and meet the hikers bringing food and drinks, it is often called Trail Magic.  This soup was one that Drew ate on the trail.

2 boxes of chicken stock

2 cups of chopped chicken (we prefer white meat)

a cup of chopped carrots

one small onion finely diced

one can of cream of chicken soup

a bag of thin egg noodles (cooked and drained)

Simmer the chicken stock, adding in your chicken, carrots and onion, Cook until your veggies are tender, then add in the cream of chicken soup and the thin egg noodles. This makes a thick soup but that makes it easier for transporting to the Appalachian Trail.

Serve with warm french bread, can top with cheese if you like.  A yummy warm soup for a cold day on the trail.

He survived a life-altering event. She is facing one.

Sara Jane Morgan is trying to balance teaching with caring for her grandmother who doesn’t want to be cared for. When school lets out for the summer, the plans are for Grandma to teach Sara Jane to quilt as they finish up the Appalachian Ballad quilt Grandma started as a teenager. But things don’t always go as planned.

Andrew Stevenson is hiding from his past—and his future. He works as a handyman to pay the bills, but also as an artisan, designing homemade brooms. When Sara Jane’s grandmother hires him to renovate her home, sparks fly between him and his new employer’s granddaughter.

It doesn’t take Sara Jane long to see Drew isn’t what he seems. Questions arise, and she starts online researching him. What she discovers could change her life—and her heart—forever. 

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Cindy Loven, an avid reader all her life, is seeing her dreams fulfilled, with the publication of her first novel, Swept Away Quilt of Love.  She co-authored this novel with Laura V. Hilton.  Born and raised in Arkansas, she loves her home state and is happy to live there with her husband of nearly twenty-nine years and her adult son. She and her family are very active in their local church, serving in many volunteer positions. She and her husband are very serious about informing parents about the dangers of the choking, after loosing their youngest son to this dreadful 'game' in 2009.  When not busy with church or her job as a “pr gal” for another author, you can find Cindy in her craft room, ,sewing, crocheting or making cards.

Where to find me on the web:
Twitter handle: @cndloven